The Hottest Real Estate Market To Know

Real EstateIt is no secret that Orange County has great deals on real estate. The overall market has had its fair share of ups and downs, however things currently seem to be on the positive side with a seller’s market. If the area is where your sights are set on obtaining your dream home, then it is wise to start by considering your overall budget and needs of yourself and your family. More and more people are choosing a property that needs some work to create the home of their dreams. If there are few budget restrictions for a higher priced home, there are plenty of vacancies. The key is to get them while they are hot as they don’t last long in this real estate market.

Needs vs. Wants Listing

With the technology boom that has taken place, buyers know what they want and go after it quickly.  However, not everyone considers a property that needs a little work that is in a highly desirable area.  This is one way to find a house that meets your needs and it is possible to make it your own in a prime real estate market.  It is a chance to turn a house into your dream home in a matter of a few months.

Get Real with Your Estate Priorities

Orange County has about 44 cities that are located within it.  Each city has its own median home price to consider when looking at all real estate options.  The best way to start the process of searching for a home in the area is to prioritize and compare your budget to your needs and those of your family.  Everyone wants to live as close to the beach as possible in Southern California. With that being said, budgets do not always permit that desire. However, there are solutions to that problem, and luckily the beach is less than an hour from even the farthest point of the Orange County line.

Super Prices and a Super Selection

If budgeting is a factor to consider, yet living near the beach is also desired, then look at the prices of homes in cities as close to the coast as possible.  If you have children, consider cities that are known for their good schools. A big factor to consider when making a selection on Orange County real estate is the commute.  At 9:00 AM and approximately starting after schools get out around 2:00 – 3:00 PM, there is the dreaded freeway traffic to consider, and that should be a heavy consideration.  Selecting a home near the workplace is also wise, as commute time each way can range from 1-2 hours in some parts of the county. As with anywhere, the homes located farther from the ocean have prices that have been significantly reduced when compared to those that are close to the coastline.

The Real Cost of Living

When all factors have been weighed out regarding your needs and those of your family, it is definitely wise to consider what the real cost of living will be for you.  When you and your family live near the water but you have to commute 2-4 hours per day, which amounts to 10-20 hours per week that will be spent on the freeway, this is essentially a cost of your time to consider.

That time spent driving could amount to a second part-time job for most people.  It will mean spending less time with your family, and days will be a bit longer to get up earlier or stay later at work to avoid high traffic times.  When looking over all the needs and wants that pertain to living in Orange County, most people choose to live near where they work. This is typically the best choice to maintain the ability to truly enjoy the area as often as possible, and not only on the weekend.  However, whichever way you choose to live with the cost of living here, it will be worth your while as the activities are endless, the weather is amazing, and opportunities abound in almost every aspect of life.