5 Things Why Hiring A Pool Repair Company Saves You Money

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Pools require regular checks, cleaning, maintenance and repairs service, some of which you can perform. However doing it yourself may be costly making it necessary to hire a pool repair company. Orange County pool repair company Clear Expectations is California offering a comprehensive pool and spa services such as:

  • All equipment inspection, installation and repair
  • Pump and light installation and repair
  • Plumbing and leak repairs
  • Cleaning
  • Acid Washes
  • Algae treatment

The company is well-established with over 15 years’ experience offering exceptional pool and spa services to commercial and residential clients. In Orange County pool repairs they usually cost on average $658. The range is typically between $ 280-$1091 depending on the pool size, and city. We have well-trained professional staff who ensure that you get value for your services. You also stand to save money in the following ways:

You Reduce Pool Repair and Remodeling Costs

As a professional pool repair company, we prevent damage to your pool through regular inspection of the pool and its equipment. Regular checks ensure that any problems that may damage the pool such as leakages, chemical imbalance and cracks are detected early and repaired. This saves you the high repair costs when the damage is huge.

Elimination of the Cost of Pool Repair Equipment and Maintenance

Pool repair tools for large pools, require highly specialized tools which are expensive to buy and maintain. Hiring Clear Exceptions eliminates these costs, requiring payment for services only. We guarantee pool owners with regular professional equipment checks, keeping the equipment in good condition.


Pool cleaning and maintenance takes a lot of your time. We take an average of 4 hours as we have properly maintained and well-functioning equipment that are fast and efficient. Pool owners have faulty equipment and lack technical know-how of chemical testing and balance, hence taking more time.

Reduction in the Risk and Cost of Storing Chemicals

Clear Exceptions eliminates the risk of you storing chemicals at home as some are highly flammable oxidizers. Other chemicals are susceptible to damage due to poor storage, hence requiring safe storage which is expensive.

You reduce the Cost of Chemical Testing and Balance

Maintaining a chemical balance helps to avoid wrong PH or bacteria which are harmful to the body. Pool chemical testing and maintenance is an expensive exercise that requires highly technical knowledge that you may not have. Your home test kits reagents are vulnerable to inaccuracy making them unsuitable. Clear Exceptions have professionals who do testing and maintenance for you, reducing the high costs involved.

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