Signs your Pool Needs Cleaning Before 2019

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Preparing for summer means planning for pool outings and taking vacations to the beach. As 2019 is approaching, cleaning the pool is necessary to avoid unnecessary expenses because of damaged pool equipment. Clear Expectations is among the renowned companies that does pool cleaning in Orange County that assist in cleaning and servicing pools when a person finds the job tedious.

Signs of a Dirty Pool

Unstable Chemistry

Pool maintenance involves checking the pool’s chemistry regularly. It also encompasses keeping healthy levels of calcium, pH, and alkalinity. Pool owner can contact pool service in Orange County to help them understand their pool chemical levels and ways of correcting the abnormalities.

Strong Smell of Chlorine

Every pool needs chlorine because it helps to destroy algae and bacteria. However, a strong smell of the chemical does not guarantee that the pool is clean. A pool should have no odor, but the strong smell emanates from a mixture of chlorine and organic materials including urine, bacteria, and sweat.

Chlorine causes chloramine that leads to the strong scent when it combines with the contaminants. Therefore, a strong smell implies that there is insufficient chlorine to fight the bacteria or algae in the pool.

Murky Water

This indicates that the pool contains a lot of particles or an imbalance of chemicals. It can also imply the lack of filtration, sunlight, heavy rain, and poor water circulation. Therefore, a swimming pool should be cleaned immediately when the water is cloudy.

Discolored Water

Besides green, pool water can appear brown or yellowish. These phenomena can result from the growth of algae in the pool or the presence of other contaminants. Therefore, a change in color in the pool water requires immediate cleaning.

Significance of Cleaning a Pool

Prevent Growth of Algae

Pools require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that the water remains clear and clean. Algae grow when the pool has a skewed chemical composition. A pool can also have algae when it has the right chemical balance. As a result, brushing off the floor and walls of the pool prevents them from further growing.



Make the Pool Entertaining

Pools offer a lot of fun to swimmers. A clean pool encourages people to plunge in and enjoy the cool water. However, a pool with abundant algae or debris discourages people from swimming. Therefore, cleaning the pool regularly makes it a healthy and enjoyable place to relax with friends and families.

In conclusion, pool owners anticipating to enjoy their pools should clean their pools regularly. A pool needs cleaning when the water is discolored or appears murky. Additionally, a strong scent of chlorine means that the pool contains contaminants.