Safety Inspection & Regulations for Commercial Swimming Pools in Orange County, CA

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Government agencies run most of the commercial swimming pools. However, the relevant health regulatory agencies often scrutinize them. The following operating safety inspections and regulations are some of the essential guidelines that Orange County commercial pool service needs to consider. 

i. The water chemistry

To secure the users of the swimming pool installed by the Orange County pool service providers, they maintain the water components at various standard levels as shown below:

  • The water residuals are free from chlorine or controlled below 10ppm.
  • In cases where cyanuric acid stabilizers are utilized, it is recommended that a 1.5 ppm residual of chlorine are sustained. However, if chlorine stabilizers are being used in place of cyanuric acid, the chemical composition should be retained at 8.0 ppm.
  • The water pH maintained at a maximum of 8.0.
  • Furthermore, Orange County Commercial Pool Services needs to ensure that chemical testing kits are available to measure the stabilizer levels, pH, and DPD type of chlorine residuals.
ii. Orange County Commercial Pool Service Safety Regulation ensures that showers and restrooms are available at some sections of the facility.

 For a swimming pool to be standard and meet all the safety and inspection regulations:

  • The showers and washrooms should have both cold and hot water. Maintaining the hot water at a maximum temperature of 110°F.
  • Toilet facilities with soap and tissue dispenser for single use.
  • As well as regular repairs of wall partitions, floors, lockers, and doors for the safety of pool users.
iii. Backflow prevention

Orange County Pool Service provider will use ratified backflow inhibition devices to protect the submerged water and threaded faucet supply bays.

iv. Safety equipment

Orange County Pool Commercial Service ensures that it provides the following material in the commercial swimming pools for the safety of the users:

  • A rescue pole with body hooks 
  • Kits for first aid in case the inspection and regulatory agents need them.
  • A shut off switch for an emergency spa, located next to the bath. The switch will be with appropriate labels and is easily accessible.
  • A life ring whose length is long enough to the extent of the pool’s length.
  • And also a well maintained and approved ladders or stairs.
v. Cleanliness and clarity of the swimming pool

Orange County Commercial Pool Service should keep the water in the swimming pool clean. Furthermore, they keep the main drain noticeable from the deck and keep the pool lighted even when it is dark.

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