Residential Services

Residential Services

Clear Expectations offers maintenance and repairs for all residential pools. We are the most consistent and reliable Orange County Pool Service and Repair Company. What sets us apart from our competitors is our exceptional service, professionalism and affordable rates.

At Clear Expectations, we understand that your pool is an important investment. Whether its part of your business or in your backyard, it needs to be well taken care of to ensure its longevity and your peace of mind.

We pride ourselves in setting the standard in our industry! What sets us apart from our competition is our commitment to excellence. Our exceptional service and competitive price make us the clear choice for your pool service needs.

At Clear Expectations, we specialize in providing comprehensive pool and spa services from cleaning, maintenance and repairs to remodeling and new construction. Send us a message today for a free quote!

Please call for a Personalized Quote on any of the following services

Weekly Pool and Spa Service

  • Once per week service on a consistent day
  • Net Out Floating Debris
  • Clean Tiles/Waterline
  • Vacuum Pool and Spa as Needed
  • Brush Steps and Walls
  • Empty Skimmer and Pump Strainer Baskets
  • Check Chemicals and Adjust Accordingly
  • Examine Pool Equipment Communicate to homeowner regarding any issues
  • Backwash Filter as needed and Recharge with DE

Additional Residential Services

  • Equipment Repair and Installation
  • Algae Treatment
  • Acid Washes
  • Equipment Inspection for new home buyers

Residential Services

Commercial Services

Service and Repairs

Remodel & Renovation

New Pool Construction