Repairs Your Pool May Need This Summer

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Swimming pools are always subjected to a lot of pressure exerted by the water they hold on a daily basis. The chips and cracks that you get to see on the surface are the result of such pressure. To repair such detriment, you will need to contact a company that deals with residential and commercial pool repair in Orange County.

Your swimming pool, like every other pool in the neighborhood, might need different types of repair. Of course, only an expert can assess the damage and say what exactly it needs. Example of services offered by pool service agencies in the county include re-plastering, pool restoration, remodeling, pool resurfacing, and pool construction.

Pool Resurfacing

Pool resurfacing is important if the pool has been showing its age. You will definitely know it’s time for a resurface if you notice some discolorations, blisters, or cracks on the surface. Resurfacing can be a simple DIY project or a difficult one depending on how damaged the pool is. It’s basically a two-step process. One has to first drain and clean the pool, before spreading the plaster.

Pool resurfacing has a couple of benefits. Adding more years to the pool’s life is obviously top of the list. You can also decide to redesign the surface using different materials. For instance, you can use colorful tiles instead of the plain ones. Just so you know, once you are done resurfacing the pool, the commercial value of the property will drastically rise.

Pool Restoration

Restoration will only be a necessity if there’s a leakage or failure of pumping or drainage facility. The process includes adding new facilities, waterproofing it, repairing the surface, and upgrading the drainage and pumping systems.

Re-Plastering the pool

This is a significantly big project and that’s probably the reason why many owners run for the temporary fix. Just know that if you choose to take the easier route, you will end up using a lot of money in the long run. To be honest, the process is as daunting as it sounds. First, you will have to gather the materials and tools. You’ll then go ahead and drain the pool, so that you may remove any loose or bubbling plaster. Once you’re done, you’ll have to deal with the rough edges by sanding them down.

Pool Remodeling

If you are looking for a way to give that old pool a new life, you should consider remodeling it. The need for a unique aesthetic is the most popular reason why homeowners reach out to pool servicing agencies in the county.  In addition to giving it that new look, a remodel will improve its functionality, and make it more energy efficient.

With remodeling, the possibilities are endless. You can still decide to change the pool’s shape or add a beachfront bench. The bottom line is, you can achieve the impossible with just a little bit of creatively.

You can work on these Orange County pool repairs on your own if you understand the different processes involved, but don’t forget how time-consuming they are. Some of them are also overwhelming for one person to handle. A lot of things can go wrong. You are better off leaving the work to professionals who’ve specialized in it.