Questions You Should Ask Your Pool Maintenance Contractor

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When it is your first or subsequent time to build a pool either in your home, or any other place, you are supposed to be careful on the type of contractors that you are about to offer the construction work. This prompts you to ask some vital questions to ascertain if they are the right people to build or maintain your pool.

Orange County Pool Maintenance Contractor are the best professionals to contact for all your pool construction needs. They have many years of offering pool maintenance services in Orange County. Below are the most important questions for you to ask your pool contractors.

How many projects have you completed? Can I see photos of some of them?

Asking about your contractor’s previous works that they have managed from the beginning to the end is one of the vital questions to ask the contractors. After asking about them, request for photos of the projects and also pictures of pools similar to yours. You should ask why they preferred to offer provide pool maintenance in orange county and whether you can contact their previous clients within the region.

Do you have additional services such as decking or landscaping that you provide to your clients?

You are supposed to ask them if they do provide other services to their clients apart from pool services. If they do not, ask if they can recommend you to another firm that provides the same services so as you may be able to get all the work done at the same time.

What other amenities and decorations do you provide for pools?

There are a lot of decorations and amenities that are provided for swimming pools once they are completed. Such amenities include lighting and plumbing. Your contractor should be able to provide such amenities or can connect you to another firm that can do the job for you if you want to add some more touch to your pool.

Why am I supposed to trust you on maintaining or building my pool?

This question is simple and straightforward. Good contractors should be able to answer this question immediately. If they tend to take time on answering this question, you should think of getting another contractor to do your work as the current ones don’t believe in themselves and it shows that they are not competent enough to give the best result and of high quality.

How many years of experience do you have in this field and how long have your company worked under the same name?

Working with contractors who have been in the pool constructions for an extended period guarantees you a good outcome on their work. They always give you the confidence that they will complete your work and that they might not run bankrupt and leave your pool unfinished. In case of anything, you will be able to follow up the firm as you are guaranteed that they can’t close down their offices because of any misunderstanding or trouble that they may encounter on their duties.