Pool Service Tips from Orange County’s Experts

Pool Service Tips from Orange County’s Experts Posted on

Keeping your pool sparkling clean throughout the year does not have to be a tedious task as you may think. All pools have different features, and so are their maintenance needs. According to orange county pool service experts, all pools share one commonality— to keep them clean and healthy, they all need regular and routine care.

Even if you rely on an experienced Orange County pool service company to maintain pristine pool health, you too need to take care of a few things to ensure that the pool stays in a superior condition for many years to come.

Pools Need Consistent Chemical Levels

Chemical levels are undoubtedly one of the most crucial of facets of pool repair in Orange County and across the globe. Improperly balanced pool water will eventually become a habitat for bacteria. Besides, the pool will be murky and irritant to the eyes and skin. According to CDC, a healthy pool need to have a balance of six chemicals, which include:

  • Acidity/alkalinity: This is the PH level of the pool. An optimum balance prevents skin and eye irritation and protects all other pool equipment from corroding.
  • Cyanuric Acid: Optimum level protects chlorine from the scorching sunlight and maintains the required free chemical levels.
  • Total Alkalinity: Keeps the water’s PH in balance
  • Free Chlorine: Protects your pool from becoming a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria.
  • Calcium Hardness: Proper level protects plaster from damaging.


To learn more about the ideal balance of the chemical levels and how to maintain a consistent balance throughout the year, consult Orange County’s pool service experts or hire their services to learn from the best.

Skim Debris and Clean Out Baskets

Maintaining a regular schedule of skimming the pool’s surface by hand in every two to three days is one of the fastest and simplest ways to keep your pool clean. If not scooped in time, floating debris will slowly sink, making them very hard to remove. Use a hand skimmer (long-handled net) and remove all unwanted items such as leaves, debris, etc. after every few days.

Skimming improves the efficiency of the pool’s circulation system along with lowering chlorine demands. Similarly, cleaning out the strainer baskets at least every weekend helps in reducing chlorine demands and significantly increasing pool circulation.

Other experts maintain tips from orange county pool service include:

  • Vacuum the pool on a weekly basis and brush the walls and tiles: This is done to keep the water clean and significantly lower the amount of chemicals you need to top up to it. Brushing the walls prevents algae buildup and accumulation of calcium deposits.
  • Clean the pool filter: All the three types of filters require periodic cleaning.
  • Seek professional help when servicing heater: Pool heater demands the least maintenance but must be done by professionals.
  • Always check and maintain pool water levels. Evaporation and splashing cause the water level to go down. Ensure that the level doesn’t all below the skimmer to protect the pump from getting damaged.

To learn more about pool tips from Orange County pool service experts, contact us or visit our website and join the discussion.