Most Common Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes

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Maintaining a swimming pool is sometimes difficult but it’s the only way to ensure it’s in its best condition. It is even more difficult and sometimes costly if the pool owner fails to do it the right way. It is not often easy to get the right knowledge and learn the best Orange County pool maintenance practices.

Proper pool maintenance will also enable the pool owners and their families to swim in a healthy and safer environment. The pool will also last longer. To apply proper pool maintenance practices, the pool owner must know the most common swimming pool maintenance mistakes and avoid them.

They include:

Not Testing the Pool Water Regularly

Pool water, like any other ecosystem, should have well-balanced pH to regard it as healthy and happy. It is one of the common and simple pool maintenance mistakes that also affect many pool owners across the country.

The pH level in pool water should always read 7.5 meaning the acidity or chlorine level is always at 50-60% active or balanced. Too much of the alkaline level is also bad news. Low pH can damage pool equipment such as the heater, chemical feeder, solar blanket, and automatic pool cleaner.

Any pool owner should frequently test their pool water at least twice a week. The testing kits are readily available at the local supply stores.

Ignoring to Give chlorine Shock Treatment To Your Pool

Shocking the pool or giving it a Chlorine shock treatment means adding concentrated chlorine into the pool water. The chemical is often referred to as pool shock. The main objective of the chlorine shock is to get rid of organic compounds which build up as waste matter in the pool.

These compounds are also responsible for preventing chlorine to effectively sanitize the water. In order to know which levels of chlorine to add during the shock treatment, the pool owner will have to properly test the water. It is also wise to seek advice from pool maintenance experts especially if the pool owner doubts the safety of pool shock.

Ignoring to Check the Pool Pump

It also common for the pool owners to forget or ignore the pool pump and ensure it is working properly. Qualified pool maintenance professional will advise any pool owner to backwash the system when pump pressure reaches 8-10 psi above normal.

To clean out properly, you will need to turn the valves to reverse the flow of the water first and then wash out the system. It should not take more than 10 minutes and a clean pump always makes work a lot easier.

Ignoring the Filter

It is also common and easier to forget or ignore cleaning the pool filter. Pool owner should clean the filter at least thrice a year. However, there are special circumstances which make the frequency of cleaning the filter to vary and they include:

  • The frequency of pool use
  • The type of filter
  • The number of contaminants in a specific environment

It is easier for anyone to make mistakes. However, learning to avoid these common mistakes will make any pool owner to experience the best pool maintenance standards. The fewer the common mistakes, the better the chances of having more fun.