5 Secret Local Attractions in Orange County

Orange county

There are so many amazing activities and sights to see in Orange County that only a local can really give visitors the best insider tips.  Here are a few fun things to do that the locals also participate in so foot traffic in these spots can be high depending on the time of year.

The Top of The World in Laguna Beach

If you are even a mild fan of hiking to see breathtaking views, then the Top of The World viewpoint is one spot that is a must-see.  The only way to get to it is by driving up windy streets in the hills above Laguna Beach and hiking trails the rest of the way. Once you get to the spot, the views are panoramic of the ocean and coastline as you are able to see for miles.

Brunch on The Rooftop at La Casa Del Camino Hotel in Laguna Beach

This is older oceanfront hotel was renovated to have modern “surf themed” rooms sponsored by well known regional surf brands.  The views from The Rooftop restaurant and lounge are absolutely beautiful with the ocean surrounding you on one side, and spectacular homes in the Laguna Beach hills on the other side.  It is the ultimate place to have brunch on the weekends, or stay the night if you are visiting the area. Many weddings take place here so it can be very crowded at The Rooftop during the Spring and Summer months.  Many visitors to the establishment simply stand and enjoy a beverage if they cannot get a table to dine at and simply enjoy taking in the gorgeous oceanfront view.

Crystal Cove Beach & The Beachcomber Restaurant

Crystal Cove Beach is right near Laguna Beach in fact it is considered to be a part of it yet it is completely sectioned off by a cliff.  The beach is usually less crowded as part of it is private for homeowners who live there. There is a restaurant called The Beachcomber that patrons can either hike to which takes about ten minutes or a shuttle bus will take you over as it is located on the beach side of Pacific Coast Highway and there is very little parking available.  However, across the street the parking is plentiful and it is up to the visitor to decide to walk or take a shuttle. The Beachcomber has amazing food to please any palette and is located right on the beach. Many weddings take place here as well and it does get very busy on weekends as it is a prime brunch spot. It is best to plan early as the wait time to get a table can be up to two hours if no reservation has been made.  It is great so it is worth the wait as visitors can always go for a walk on the beach to work up an appetite or catch some rays before enjoying a relaxing meal.