How Much Does Swimming Pool Repair Cost

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Before you decide what house you want to buy, you have to take so many things into consideration. You can always compromise on some, but not everything. For instance, there are homeowners who prefer living in homes that have swimming pools, and those that want nothing to do with it. We know this because our firm, Orange County Pool Cleaning Services, has interacted with several homeowners over the years.

If you are here reading this, you probably fall in the category of the few people who own houses that have swimming pools in Orange County. You are also trying to figure out how much it is going cost you working on the repairs. All you need to know is:

Depending on the maintenance, a pool can serve a home for close to 30 years. This feature is without a doubt, an incredible addition to a home seeing as it often provides endless fun for not just kids but adults as well. As for how much it will cost to repair one, the exact amount usually varies depending on a number of factors.

For instance, you need to factor in the severity of the situation, its size, and even the type. However, approximately 2000 property owners in the county have reported using an average of 556 dollars. A closer look at the records has also revealed that the range falls between 251 dollars and 880. Therefore, to answer the question of how much it’s going to cost to repair a swimming pool, we first have to figure the type of repair that this home feature needs.

Vinyl liner repair

Vinyl is an important material because it prevents algae from growing in a pool. Furthermore, it’s friendly to the pockets, nonporous and smooth to the touch. If what’s troubling you is a small tear, you can use 20 dollars to patch it up, or 200 dollars if you need a professional’s touch. A complete replacement will cost substantially more. We are talking about something a little bit over 1500 dollars.

Fiberglass Liner repair

This is also another popular option among pool owners seeing as it discourages the growth of molds. For you to be able to work on the repairs, you first have to resurface the entire liner. Even though the entire process looks labor-intensive, it is not as costly as you would think. If there are no serious complications, you will only end up using approximately 300 dollars.

Concrete cracks and pop-ups

If it’s all about repairing cracks, pop-ups, and hollow spots, the process usually involves replacing the plaster coating after sanding down the entire pool. Of course, you can fix small cracks by patching them up, but pop-ups and hollow spots usually require a more permanent fix. Assuming your pool is 150 square feet, the cost might range from 700 to 1000 dollars.

Searching and fixing a pool leak

If you can find the leak, repairing it with a patch kit is no hassle. Just make sure you follow the instructions to the letter, if you need the patch to hold properly. Such a simple fix will cost you 20 dollars. However, if you cannot figure out where the leak is, you will have to reach out to a professional who’ll most likely charge you 350 dollars.

Even though it’s fun to have a pool in a house, maintaining it doesn’t come cheap. So if you’re thinking of installing one, be ready to deal with the costs accompanying it.