Commercial Pool Services in Southern California.

At Clear Expectations, we bring our top-notch pool maintenance services to commercial properties, offering an easygoing and stress-free experience. Our expertise extends to a range of comprehensive pool and spa services designed specifically for commercial sector, covering maintenance, and repairs.

With our exceptional service and competitive pricing, Clear Expectations is the clear choice for all your commercial pool service needs.

Commercial Pool Maintenance

Clear Expectations is fully certified, licensed, and insured to provide full maintenance and repair services for swimming pools, spas, fountains, waterfalls, and other water features.

We work in a variety of commercial venues including apartment complexes, condominium communities, hotels, and homeowners’ associations. We will develop a full custom maintenance program which will include routine maintenance and a preventative maintenance schedule. Weekly service visits will vary from property to property.

Our Commercial Pool Maintenance Program Include:

  • Maintain pool chemicals and water quality in accordance with Riverside County Health Department Guidelines.
  • Monitor automated chemical feeding systems and test water to confirm proper water balance and disinfectant levels.
  • Vacuum and brush to remove all debris, clean pool, and eliminate dirt, scum, scale, calcium, algae, and other harmful deposits in both the swimming pool and the spa.
  • Cleaning of the tile and waterline.
  • Brushing of the seating areas, steps, and walls.
  • Emptying the pump, skimmer, and leaf baskets.
  • Inspecting all equipment for leaks, clogs, and other malfunctions.
  • Maintaining Accurate Log Sheets in the equipment rooms with specific details of chemical levels for city and maintenance personnel to view.
  • Inspect safety signs and safety equipment.
  • Provide advice, insight, and knowledge to upgrade, replace, and/or repair pool equipment.
  • Maintain equipment room in clean condition.
  • Communication with management and maintenance personnel regarding the condition of pools and spas.

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Pool Repairs and Upgrades.

To ensure your swimming pool remains clean throughout the year, it is essential that your equipment is working properly. Small repairs that are left unattended can lead to more expensive repairs in the future. Clear Expectations handles all everything from filters, lights, pumps, timers, heaters as well as complete equipment upgrades and installations.

Your pool repairs and upgrades will be handled correctly the first time by our certified staff. Our team will provide you with options and help you determine the best solution for your pool repair needs.

Our Repair and Upgrade services Include:

  • All equipment inspection, installation, and repair.
  • Pump repair and installation.
  • Heater repair and installation.
  • Automatic timer repair and installation.
  • Filter cleaning.
  • Leak repair.
  • Light repair and installation.
  • Salt system repair and installation.
  • Plumbing/repair of leaks.
  • Acid washes.
  • Mastic (expansion joint) replacement.
  • Algae treatment.
  • Electric diagnostic and repair.
  • Along with any other pool repair or replacement.

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