Repairs Your Pool May Need This Summer

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Swimming pools are always subjected to a lot of pressure exerted by the water they hold on a daily basis. The chips and cracks that you get to see on the surface are the result of such pressure. To repair such detriment, you will need to contact a company that deals with residential and commercial pool repair in Orange County.

Your swimming pool, like every other pool in the neighborhood, might need different types of repair. Of course, only an expert can assess the damage and say what exactly it needs. Example of services offered by pool service agencies in the county include re-plastering, pool restoration, remodeling, pool resurfacing, and pool construction.

Pool Resurfacing

Pool resurfacing is important if the pool has been showing its age. You will definitely know it’s time for a resurface if you notice some discolorations, blisters, or cracks on the surface. Resurfacing can be a simple DIY project or a difficult one depending on how damaged the pool is. It’s basically a two-step process. One has to first drain and clean the pool, before spreading the plaster.

Pool resurfacing has a couple of benefits. Adding more years to the pool’s life is obviously top of the list. You can also decide to redesign the surface using different materials. For instance, you can use colorful tiles instead of the plain ones. Just so you know, once you are done resurfacing the pool, the commercial value of the property will drastically rise.

Pool Restoration

Restoration will only be a necessity if there’s a leakage or failure of pumping or drainage facility. The process includes adding new facilities, waterproofing it, repairing the surface, and upgrading the drainage and pumping systems.

Re-Plastering the pool

This is a significantly big project and that’s probably the reason why many owners run for the temporary fix. Just know that if you choose to take the easier route, you will end up using a lot of money in the long run. To be honest, the process is as daunting as it sounds. First, you will have to gather the materials and tools. You’ll then go ahead and drain the pool, so that you may remove any loose or bubbling plaster. Once you’re done, you’ll have to deal with the rough edges by sanding them down.

Pool Remodeling

If you are looking for a way to give that old pool a new life, you should consider remodeling it. The need for a unique aesthetic is the most popular reason why homeowners reach out to pool servicing agencies in the county.  In addition to giving it that new look, a remodel will improve its functionality, and make it more energy efficient.

With remodeling, the possibilities are endless. You can still decide to change the pool’s shape or add a beachfront bench. The bottom line is, you can achieve the impossible with just a little bit of creatively.

You can work on these Orange County pool repairs on your own if you understand the different processes involved, but don’t forget how time-consuming they are. Some of them are also overwhelming for one person to handle. A lot of things can go wrong. You are better off leaving the work to professionals who’ve specialized in it.

How Much Do Swimming Pool Services Cost

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A swimming pool will always be a great investment in any home. It’s not just a feature that’s there to provide a fun way to cool off or relax during summer months. As long as you maintain its condition, it will definitely add an aesthetically attractive feature to your backyard. But have you ever thought about how much a pool cleaning service costs? Have you even tried servicing your pool?

To prevent the water quality from becoming unsanitary or the pool from deteriorating, you have to perform some regular service. If you bought the house with the pool already installed, by now you are well aware of the ongoing expenses. But if you’re contemplating adding it now, you need to get acquainted with the costs of the service before you make a decision.

How much does a pool service cost?

To better understand the service cost, you first have to understand the service prices, and the kind of things a professional can do for you.

Regular Cleaning Service

To calculate the total cost of a professional pool-cleaning project, one has to take into consideration a couple of factors. In addition to those factors, you will have to include how often you use the pool and its size.

If you prefer working on it on a monthly basis, you will have to clean and maintain it yourself in between the visits. By the way, a pool cleaning service company will charge you depending on your pool size and how frequent they visit. Therefore, in a month, you might have to spend something that’s in the range of 75 to 100 dollars.

Your Service Options

Before you even think of hiring a pool cleaning company, you should educate yourself on what’s being offered. A technician will always go for the necessities, so focus on the additional options. Ask questions and find out what they normally do during the regular visits. Find a way of figuring out what additional maintenance service increases your bill.

Some of the services that you will be charged for are services that you can do on your home during your free time. For example, you don’t need a company to help you do some basic skimming. Basic skimming involves removing floating debris using a net; something that even a child can do during their free time.

We can all tell that summer is right around the corner. So if you own a home that has a swimming pool, it’s time to get it in tip-top shape. Even though it’s very much possible for you to service your pool on your own or with the help of friends and family, it’s always advisable to reach out to an expert who has the level of professionalism and experience needed to maintain its appearance and functionality.

How Much Does Swimming Pool Repair Cost

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Before you decide what house you want to buy, you have to take so many things into consideration. You can always compromise on some, but not everything. For instance, there are homeowners who prefer living in homes that have swimming pools, and those that want nothing to do with it. We know this because our firm, Orange County Pool Cleaning Services, has interacted with several homeowners over the years.

If you are here reading this, you probably fall in the category of the few people who own houses that have swimming pools in Orange County. You are also trying to figure out how much it is going cost you working on the repairs. All you need to know is:

Depending on the maintenance, a pool can serve a home for close to 30 years. This feature is without a doubt, an incredible addition to a home seeing as it often provides endless fun for not just kids but adults as well. As for how much it will cost to repair one, the exact amount usually varies depending on a number of factors.

For instance, you need to factor in the severity of the situation, its size, and even the type. However, approximately 2000 property owners in the county have reported using an average of 556 dollars. A closer look at the records has also revealed that the range falls between 251 dollars and 880. Therefore, to answer the question of how much it’s going to cost to repair a swimming pool, we first have to figure the type of repair that this home feature needs.

Vinyl liner repair

Vinyl is an important material because it prevents algae from growing in a pool. Furthermore, it’s friendly to the pockets, nonporous and smooth to the touch. If what’s troubling you is a small tear, you can use 20 dollars to patch it up, or 200 dollars if you need a professional’s touch. A complete replacement will cost substantially more. We are talking about something a little bit over 1500 dollars.

Fiberglass Liner repair

This is also another popular option among pool owners seeing as it discourages the growth of molds. For you to be able to work on the repairs, you first have to resurface the entire liner. Even though the entire process looks labor-intensive, it is not as costly as you would think. If there are no serious complications, you will only end up using approximately 300 dollars.

Concrete cracks and pop-ups

If it’s all about repairing cracks, pop-ups, and hollow spots, the process usually involves replacing the plaster coating after sanding down the entire pool. Of course, you can fix small cracks by patching them up, but pop-ups and hollow spots usually require a more permanent fix. Assuming your pool is 150 square feet, the cost might range from 700 to 1000 dollars.

Searching and fixing a pool leak

If you can find the leak, repairing it with a patch kit is no hassle. Just make sure you follow the instructions to the letter, if you need the patch to hold properly. Such a simple fix will cost you 20 dollars. However, if you cannot figure out where the leak is, you will have to reach out to a professional who’ll most likely charge you 350 dollars.

Even though it’s fun to have a pool in a house, maintaining it doesn’t come cheap. So if you’re thinking of installing one, be ready to deal with the costs accompanying it.

How To Spend Less on Pool Cleaning

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Having a pool can be fun but quite expensive to maintain. One of the easiest and common pool maintenance practices is cleaning. However, cleaning could also accumulate tangible expenses. There is a need to come up with cleaning measures that can help you reduce the costs and keep the pool tidy, safe and clean for regular use. Here are a few examples:

Save On Chemicals

Pool chemicals could cost a fortune if you depend on them entirely to disinfect your pool. If your pool has too much chlorine, you might want to cut on the chemical treatments. Too much of chemicals offset the balance in your pool water. But how do you maintain the purity and chlorine levels in your pool? You might want to leave the pool open for the sun to lower the chlorine levels and then add fresh water. This should help you save on the chemicals that you purchase to clean your pool.

Do It Yourself

Most people hire professional pool cleaners to do even the simplest of tasks involved in pool cleaning. You may want to learn how to skim the leaves and debris floating in your pool. Cleaning the tiles and cement on your fixture may not always require the skills of a professional. All you need is to invest in a good brush, pool net, and pool pole. With these three tools, you can do the skimming yourself regularly and cut on the costs of hiring a professional cleaner. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t eliminate the need to call professionals for pool cleaning Orange County. Experts have the skills and equipment to handle the difficult duties that you can’t manage effectively.

Take Lessons

You are probably charged for pH tests and other pool tests that you can manage on your own with a little knowledge. You could save a few dollars by learning through tutorials online on how to test pH balance, acidity, amount of chlorine and bromide in your pool. These tests are essential to ensuring your pool water is safe for swimming.

Minimize Running Your Pool Pump

You could still utilize your pool pump while keeping costs down. How? Try reducing the time it is on while cleaning the pool. Minimizing the time it runs saves on electricity, which translates to significant savings in the long-run. In most states, electricity companies charge lower rates at night. You could take advantage of these unknown offers and set the pool pump running during the off-peak time. Most times, the off-peak time is during the evening and early in the morning.

Tricks For A Clean Pool

If you have tennis balls and other playing objects in your pool, it would be of immense help if you could always keep them clean. This involves taking the objects after every session and cleaning them with water and soap. Swimmers leave behind oil from their skin on the surfaces of the objects. This, in turn, makes the water impure when they leave the objects behind.

All these cleaning practices highlighted above should help you save on the cost of maintaining your pools. When the task requires professionals, you can rely on professional Orange County pool cleaning service for excellent outcomes.


4 Ways A Pool Cleaner Can Save You Money

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Cleaning a pool can be a lot of work, especially in the summer when all you want to do is use it. Companies that do pool cleaning in Orange County save home owners money and time. What are some of the ways a pool cleaner can save you money?

1. Maintaining Your Pool

Pools degrade over time; whether through weathering or general mechanical issues. Keeping your pool maintained and ready to be used is an essential part of making sure that it lasts a long time. For instance, consider the filter system and how important it is to the general life of your pool. Hiring a pool cleaner to regularly change your filter and make sure all the mechanisms of the pools are working correctly easily adds years to the life of your pool.

2. Saving You Time

These days, time is money. If you are looking to maximize the time you can devote to your personal and financial success, then you have to spend your time wisely. Spending your time sifting through your pool for leaves and debris takes up precious time you probably can’t afford to waste. People often have busy schedules. Cleaning your pool at the end of the day when you return home from work isn’t the smartest way to expend what little energy you have left. Instead hire a pool cleaner to come on a regular basis so you won’t have to deal with this problem.

3. Managing The Pool Lining

The lining of the pool will degrade over time, to the point where leaks may will begin to occur if you do not properly maintain and clean your pool. People who do not make use of regular pool cleaners often end up with a damaged or severely inefficient system after a few years. Regularly maintained pools keep the system as close to new as possible.

4. Savings on Supplies

Pool cleaning companies service hundreds of pools across Orange County. Because of the volume of work, they purchase pool supplies in bulk. Bulk purchases are much less expensive than single supplies purchases. This savings gets passed on to the pool owner. On the other hand, if you were to go to the pool supply store and buy supplies yourself, you’d be paying top dollar. This is yet another way that a pool cleaner can save you money.

As you can see, it’s much more cost effective to hire a pool cleaner than not. Contact an Orange County pool cleaning company now for a free quote.