Orange County Pool Cleaning: How To Choose The Best Filter For Your Pool

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When it comes to Orange County pool cleaning, pool filters do the hard job of removing the solid particles, which enhances the efficiency of the detoxifiers. However, when shopping for pool filters, getting the best one for your pool is quite a daunting job due to the various considerations that you have to make.

Below is a rundown of tips you can count on in this endeavor.

Know the Types of Pool Filters

There are three types of pool filters

· Cartridge Filter

This filter is circular, and its filter material is pleated. It can capture tiny debris of about 10-15 microns. They are easy to maintain and are generally effective when it comes to cleaning the water.

· Sand Filters

These filters use sand to collect debris hence removing the impurities in the water. The filter requires a backwash whenever the waste accumulates. To do this, you are required to run water through the filter in the opposite direction. They are designed to capture debris with the size of 20-40 microns.

· The DE Filters (Diatomaceous Earth)

The DE filters contain grids coated with DE powder from the inside. They also provide a filter media where fossilized exoskeletons which are of tiny diatoms usually are used in powder to cover its grids. They can capture small debris of 2-5 microns.

Depending on what you want for your pool water, knowing the these various types will enable you to choose the best types of filter for your pool. Sand filters are the best for a secure filtration, cartridge filters will be suitable when seeking for low maintenance, and the DE filter will be appropriate if you want the cleanest water.

Factors to consider

· Pool Size

There are many models of pool filters to choose from at the market, and each has its capacity and power. Calculating the size of your pool will enable you to know the exact model of the filter that will accommodate the amount of water in your pool.

· Check The Rate of Flow Of The Water

The speed the water flows through the filter determines the pool’s turnover rate. To calculate the turnover rate, use the flow rate and the pools volume to estimate the frequency of the turnover. This will give you the rate at which the filter can filter all the water in the pool.

· Consider The Ease Of Maintenance

A pool filter that is easy to use, install, clean, repair and replace its parts is the best one can ever think of. Such a filter will reduce the cost of running your pool and also ensure that it is at optimal condition throughout the year.

· Durability

Pools are built to last for decades. The pool filter should therefore also follow this pattern of sustainability. A permanent filter is one made with a sturdy material that is resistant to rust and corrosion that could result from chemicals found in water.

· Cost

Although the question of cost should never limit you from getting the best pool filters, we cannot ignore the fact that the price of anything is a crucial factor to consider. It is therefore wise to buy a pool filter that you can afford and be able to maintain.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, a pool’s filtration system is always the heart of pool cleaning. You should, therefore, ensure that they are of the best quality and still in good working condition. By so doing, your pool water will be safe and healthy. If you have any question about pool cleaning or pool filters in particular, feel free to engage us in the comment section below.

3 Things To Consider Before Choosing an Orange County Swimming Pool Service Contractor

3 Things To Consider Before Choosing an Orange County Swimming Pool Service Contractor Posted on

The process of determining the best swimming pool contractor can be stressful. In choosing an Orange County swimming pool service provider, you need to consider the following aspects;


One of the elements that you should consider before choosing is its experience. This is important! An experienced contractor will have skilled technicians and qualified management, meaning, it can be reliable and consistent.

For instance, Orange County pool maintenance contractors have 40 years’ experience in water features, swimming pool, and spa service provision. In case you are looking for services like swimming pool construction, conceptual design, repair, and maintenance, you should consider them

Subsequently, the experience of the company has enabled it to implement several projects. These are the Student Rec Center Pool, Ladera Ranch projects, and Newport Beach’s Pelican Hills Resort. Such experience is a crucial factor that you should consider when choosing a Contractor.


In deciding on whether to obtain the services of the contractor, you should seek feedbacks.  Ask from the reliable people who have previously hired them. Subsequently, they can narrate their experience about the positives and negatives of the particular contractor.

Further, you should inquire if the Contractor gets referrals from satisfied customers before hiring it to construct yours. If the contractor obtains several recommendations, then you should consider it. It proves that they meet timelines and provide quality services to the customers.

Availability of a service license

The license should be ascertained to make sure that the Contractor is allowed to operate in your region.

By confirming if the Contractor is licensed, you ensure that your property is protected from dishonest and incompetent service providers.

Also, the presence of a legal license for the Contractor is one key factor. This can help you in confirming its reliability and competency to construct your swimming pool. This is because the process of licensing ensures that the contractors are honest and skills are tested before a license is approved.

You should confirm online the validity of the Contractor’s license to determine any possible complaints that have been filed by customers against the entity before hiring it to do your job. It is also advisable that you should gather all the relevant information about the Contractor from the licensing and regulatory authorities and the labor departments in your region.

In case you wish to hire Orange County Swimming Pool or comment about our services please follow the following link to our page for more information.

Most Common Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes

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Maintaining a swimming pool is sometimes difficult but it’s the only way to ensure it’s in its best condition. It is even more difficult and sometimes costly if the pool owner fails to do it the right way. It is not often easy to get the right knowledge and learn the best Orange County pool maintenance practices.

Proper pool maintenance will also enable the pool owners and their families to swim in a healthy and safer environment. The pool will also last longer. To apply proper pool maintenance practices, the pool owner must know the most common swimming pool maintenance mistakes and avoid them.

They include:

Not Testing the Pool Water Regularly

Pool water, like any other ecosystem, should have well-balanced pH to regard it as healthy and happy. It is one of the common and simple pool maintenance mistakes that also affect many pool owners across the country.

The pH level in pool water should always read 7.5 meaning the acidity or chlorine level is always at 50-60% active or balanced. Too much of the alkaline level is also bad news. Low pH can damage pool equipment such as the heater, chemical feeder, solar blanket, and automatic pool cleaner.

Any pool owner should frequently test their pool water at least twice a week. The testing kits are readily available at the local supply stores.

Ignoring to Give chlorine Shock Treatment To Your Pool

Shocking the pool or giving it a Chlorine shock treatment means adding concentrated chlorine into the pool water. The chemical is often referred to as pool shock. The main objective of the chlorine shock is to get rid of organic compounds which build up as waste matter in the pool.

These compounds are also responsible for preventing chlorine to effectively sanitize the water. In order to know which levels of chlorine to add during the shock treatment, the pool owner will have to properly test the water. It is also wise to seek advice from pool maintenance experts especially if the pool owner doubts the safety of pool shock.

Ignoring to Check the Pool Pump

It also common for the pool owners to forget or ignore the pool pump and ensure it is working properly. Qualified pool maintenance professional will advise any pool owner to backwash the system when pump pressure reaches 8-10 psi above normal.

To clean out properly, you will need to turn the valves to reverse the flow of the water first and then wash out the system. It should not take more than 10 minutes and a clean pump always makes work a lot easier.

Ignoring the Filter

It is also common and easier to forget or ignore cleaning the pool filter. Pool owner should clean the filter at least thrice a year. However, there are special circumstances which make the frequency of cleaning the filter to vary and they include:

  • The frequency of pool use
  • The type of filter
  • The number of contaminants in a specific environment

It is easier for anyone to make mistakes. However, learning to avoid these common mistakes will make any pool owner to experience the best pool maintenance standards. The fewer the common mistakes, the better the chances of having more fun.

Winter Orange County Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

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During winter, most residential pools just sit in the backyard idle. With short days, long nights, and consistent drops in temperature, pool owners are spending more time indoors. Less time is spent in outdoor caring and no time for a winter Orange county pool cleaning and maintenance

Whether the pool owner does it personally or by recruiting a professional Orange County pool cleaning service, ensuring the pool is in good condition all year round is vital. Here are a few ways to get you started when cleaning and maintaining your pool.

Maintain a hygienic pool

Regardless of whether it is hot or cold, thoroughly cleaning the pool is essential in maintaining your pool. Remove any organic matter to avoid any organic growth in the pool. A good Orange County pool service extensively cleans and vacuums the swimming pool.

They will properly scrubbed all the surfaces to remove any build up on the floors, walls, steps, and fixtures.

It is advisable to thoroughly wash the pool at least once a week. Using a pool cover reduces the time and energy used in cleaning the pool as it keeps out all debris. Filtration is also crucial when cleaning your pool.

The pool owner should also clean the filter and follow the backwash procedure properly before running it in the water.

Monitor chemical levels in the water

A great water with the perfect chemical levels will be the best pool. Generally, stagnant water provides the best breeding environment for algae, bacteria, and mosquitoes. Using a pool pump regularly to refresh the water a few hours every day is very beneficial.

Furthermore, using winter pool chemicals to provide long-lasting algae control during the winter is extremely helpful. Experienced Orange County pool cleaning services ensure the water has a pH level of around of 7.2-7.8.

Similarly, an pool cleaning service is sure to use chemicals which prevent the water from staining metals or leaf molds.

Purchase a winter blanket

Winter is the best time to seek advice about the best winter blanket to purchase from the most reliable pool service provider. Pool blankets aid in trapping heat in the pool. Which in turn stabilizes the water chemistry and reduces power consumption.

They also aid in maintaining and preparing the pool for use during spring. Winter blanket helps the water remain heated. They keep all the debris out of the pool as well.

Give your pool some TLC

Winter is the best time to take on pool renovation projects. Whether it is fixing the area around the pool or increase pool safety measures. Homeowners with swimming pool should contact Orange County pool cleaning service provider. Get quotations and the pool renovated and ready for action during spring and summer.

Regular pool cleaning and maintenance is crucial in ensuring pool hygiene. Likewise, it reduces the headache of getting it back up and running during the swimming season, after months of inactivity.

Clear expectations is an Orange County pool cleaning service which offers its clients services such as maintenance, remodeling, pool repairs, and new constructions. Comment below and one of the professionals will get back to you as soon as possible.

Pasea Hotel & Spa in Huntington Beach

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When visiting Orange County, there are plenty of gorgeous hotels to choose from.  Depending on the time of year and if it is tourist season when bookings abound, finding a great hotel is rarely a problem in the area.  Here is a list of the top hotels that are frequented by tourists and locals for events.

1. La Casa Del Camino

A quaint yet oceanfront mission-style structure make up the exterior of La Casa Del Camino Hotel in the heart of Laguna Beach.  It has two great restaurants, one called The Rooftop as it is no secret where it is located, the other is a bistro located just off the lobby area.  Both have amazing food, and The Rooftop is one of the top destinations in Orange County for weddings and the perfect brunch spot to catch some rays and enjoy delicious food overlooking the ocean from almost every table.

2. The Montage in Laguna Beach

Situated along the beautiful seaside in Laguna Beach is The Montage Hotel & Spa.  This is a 5-star hotel so prepare yourself for luxury in every way possible. Attentive service, amazing views from almost every part of the hotel create an experience like no other.  The fantastic pool is one of the main features as it is centrally located so you can’t possibly miss it. The pool service takes place at night after hours at all hotels in Orange County, so no one will notice the behind the scenes magic that creates that sparkle.  This is a hotel that can create incredible vacation experiences that will last a lifetime.

This brand new hotel is top of the line, with 4.5 stars and located right across the street from beautiful Huntington Beach, visitors will be in for a treat.  The hotel boasts a beautiful rooftop lounge area with views of the Pacific Ocean and the vast majority of the Orange County coastline. The restaurant onsite is called Tanner’s and has a great menu selection as well.  The conference and event rooms are fit for a modern day king and provide excellent service also with views from most event areas and hotel rooms. For an unforgettable experience while staying in Southern California, this hotel would be a top contender.