Signs your Pool Needs Cleaning Before 2019

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Preparing for summer means planning for pool outings and taking vacations to the beach. As 2019 is approaching, cleaning the pool is necessary to avoid unnecessary expenses because of damaged pool equipment. Clear Expectations is among the renowned companies that does pool cleaning in Orange County that assist in cleaning and servicing pools when a person finds the job tedious.

Signs of a Dirty Pool

Unstable Chemistry

Pool maintenance involves checking the pool’s chemistry regularly. It also encompasses keeping healthy levels of calcium, pH, and alkalinity. Pool owner can contact pool service in Orange County to help them understand their pool chemical levels and ways of correcting the abnormalities.

Strong Smell of Chlorine

Every pool needs chlorine because it helps to destroy algae and bacteria. However, a strong smell of the chemical does not guarantee that the pool is clean. A pool should have no odor, but the strong smell emanates from a mixture of chlorine and organic materials including urine, bacteria, and sweat.

Chlorine causes chloramine that leads to the strong scent when it combines with the contaminants. Therefore, a strong smell implies that there is insufficient chlorine to fight the bacteria or algae in the pool.

Murky Water

This indicates that the pool contains a lot of particles or an imbalance of chemicals. It can also imply the lack of filtration, sunlight, heavy rain, and poor water circulation. Therefore, a swimming pool should be cleaned immediately when the water is cloudy.

Discolored Water

Besides green, pool water can appear brown or yellowish. These phenomena can result from the growth of algae in the pool or the presence of other contaminants. Therefore, a change in color in the pool water requires immediate cleaning.

Significances of Cleaning a Pool


  • Prevent Growth of Algae


Pools require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that the water remains clear and clean. Algae grow when the pool has a skewed chemical composition. A pool can also have algae when it has the right chemical balance. As a result, brushing off the floor and walls of the pool prevents them from further growing.


  • Make the Pool Entertaining


Pools offer a lot of fun to swimmers. A clean pool encourages people to plunge in and enjoy the cool water. However, a pool with abundant algae or debris discourages people from swimming. Therefore, cleaning the pool regularly makes it a healthy and enjoyable place to relax with friends and families.

In conclusion, pool owners anticipating to enjoy their pools should clean their pools regularly. A pool needs cleaning when the water is discolored or appears murky. Additionally, a strong scent of chlorine means that the pool contains contaminants.

Questions To Ask Your Pool Service Contractor

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If you are a homeowner and you need to install a swimming pool within your area of residence, you should look for a professional pool service contractor. Additionally, when hiring an Orange County pool service contractor, you should get to know more about the long term and short term maintenance plans. The questions that you should ask an orange pool service contractor are as follows:

How Much Experience Do You Possess?

Always get to know more about the experience that your pool service contractor has. You should also take into account that although a contractor is experienced, which does not necessarily mean that they will guarantee quality work. Experience mainly showcases that the contractor is knowledgeable about the specific line of work.

Can You Showcase Previous Examples of Completed Projects?

If you are looking for pool service in Orange County, you should get to know more about the contractor’s portfolio. They may show you some pictures of previously completed projects, or they may even take you to a physical location where they may have completed the construction of a swimming pool. Since you expect high-quality work, take time to get familiar with the contractor’s work.

Does the Contract Have All the Necessary Details about the Project?

When looking for pool service in Orange County, always ensure that there is a contract present. The contract should have all the necessary details about the swimming pool project. The details present should be such as the price of the project as well as the terms of the termination of the contract. The presence of a contract ensures that the contractor heeds to his end of the bargain and you should also pay up after the swimming pool is completed to your satisfaction.

Are There Any Testimonies from Previously Satisfied Clients?

If a company that offers pool maintenance in Orange County is satisfied with the quality of its work, they will always have a huge pool of clients who can vouch for them any time. After conversing with clients who have worked with a specific contractor, you can gauge whether it is advisable to hire them for the swimming pool construction or not. You can also search for the contractor on websites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since you may have access to the clients’ reviews that have been posted by either satisfied or unsatisfied clients.

Signs your Pools Need Service Before 2019

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Proper overall maintenance of a swimming pool is an essential step if a property owner wishes to ensure that they and their family will be able to indulge in the pleasure of swimming. Arranging a regular Orange County pool service schedule is also crucial if someone wishes to ensure the longevity of all of their pool equipment. As a reminder, water with a pH (the pH abbreviation signifies “potential of Hydrogen”) greater than seven is said to be alkaline and acidic if it is less than seven.

Why It Is Crucial for Someone to Perform Maintenance on Their Swimming Pool

If a pH is not what it should be, then this is where a property owner may have green pool problems. Even if a pool cleaning robot can clean the walls partially, a property owner will probably still have to have someone brush them down manually. Also, hiring someone to perform pool service in Orange County is another thing a property owner could do to make it less stressful for them to take care of the pool.

Someone can add moreover chemicals that will act as a disinfectant, and these additions will function to prevent the overall development of the bacteria which may otherwise increase throughout the water. The goal of these actions is for someone to achieve some corrective work because these steps will help them to avoid having to spend a lot of time and money on an expensive, long, and significant curative action which will ultimately also be very annoying. For more convenience, a property owner may also wish to choose to pay someone to do their pool service in Orange County for them.

How to Carry out Upkeep on A Pool

This equipment may cost a fair amount of money up front, but they’ll make it so that they don’t have to spend their time performing the cleaning that they would otherwise have to do. Indeed, individuals should be aware that there are also devices that they may house in their pool cleaning area. These devices can disinfect the water of the pool naturally and help them with their pool cleaning in Orange County.

A property owner ought to also consider the fact that an individual should be careful not to brush too hard on a pool liner with some abrasive cleaning products, as this would make the pool liner porous and this liner would end up being more vulnerable afterward. By following these tips, a property owner can eliminate the dangerous elements that would otherwise promote the overall production of harmful algae in the swimming pool’s water. This water should moreover be adequately disinfected, recycled, and renewed regularly.

5 Tips To Keep Your Pool Safe this season

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During this season, there is nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in a swimming pool that is clean and safe, despite the cold. A safe swimming pool can lead to a reduction in the number of preventable drowning deaths which is more common among toddlers and babies. In Orange County pool cleaning business, this is one the most sort-out ventures. The companies in this business strive to keep swimming pools in the county free of any adverse health hazards.

Pool service in Orange County is exceptional because of the numerous visitors who visit the county, especially during the summer. The county government collaborates with important stakeholders in the industry to champion for safety and cleanliness of your commercial swimming pools.

Here are 5 tips that they take to ensure that the pool you are using is safe this season.


  • Install a Pool Fence


The pool fence acts as a barrier that prevents the kids from accessing the pool when you are not around to supervise them. It is advised that the fence gates should open from outwards and they should be locked when you are leaving the pool. In case you have an above ground pool ensure that the ladder heading towards the pool is enclosed.


  • Put up an Alarm System


This adds an extra touch of protection. Install an alarm system at the gate so that you are alerted when there is anyone who’s trying to forcefully enter the pool without your permission. Installation of underwater alarm gadgets is also encouraged. They use motion sensors to detect any quire wave activity and alert you when someone falls deep down the pool.


  • Install Safe Chemical Lock rooms


Pool chemicals are often used to kill any disease-causing germs that may be present in the pool water. However, if they are not well handled using protective gear, they can cause injuries to the swimmers. That is why there is a need for storing them in a safe warehouse away from kids. The chemicals should be kept in a well-ventilated area to allow free circulation of air.


  • Regular Inspection of the Pool Area


This is done to check for any slip hazards that may be present in the pool area. If they are left close to the edge of the pool, then kids might trip and fall into the water. It is important that toys, floats, tubes, and cleaning equipment should be kept away when they are not in use. Otherwise, they can cause accidents that could have been easily avoided.


  • Systematic Inspection of the Drain Covers


Drain covers should be inspected regularly to ensure that they don’t have any cracks or missing screws. The suction pressure from underwater can be death traps and, therefore, any cracks present should be sealed to avoid such tragedies.

4 Signs You Need to Get an Orange County Pool Cleaning Service

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The signs that your pool needs to be cleaned are not always obvious. If your pool is dirty, you need Orange County pool cleaning services as soon as possible. This helps to ensure that the health of pool users is preserved.

Signs Your Pool is Dirty

· Cloudy Water

If the water in your pool appears to be cloudy, it may be a sign that your pool needs cleaning. Get the help of a pool service in Orange County. Your pool water may appear cloudy if it is contaminated by rainwater and other contaminants.

It may also be an indication of high levels of chlorine and other water cleaners. Cloudy water may also be a sign of sunlight deficiency, poor circulation of water, and insufficient filtration.

· Red Eyes After Swimming

If you notice that your eyes are itchy or red after swimming, it may be an indication that your pool water is contaminated. Presence of dirt, oil, and sweat may be irritating to your eyes. This means that your pool needs to be cleaned. It is common to have sweat and some dirt in your pool regardless of how clean you keep it. This means that you should clean your pool as often as you can.

· Presence of Algae

If an alga is growing in your pool, it definitely needs to be cleaned. Presence of algae in your pool water may lead to diseases and death in severe cases. There are many types of algae and some of them are harmful to your health. Some of them may not be visible but they produce a foul smell. It is advisable to get the help of Orange County pool cleaning services to get rid of it.

· Strong Smell of Chlorine

Your pool should have little to no smell. If you notice a strong odor of chlorine coming from your pool, you need to get it cleaned. The strong smell is an indication that there is too much sweat, bacteria, and contaminants in your pool water. When the chlorine tries to get rid of the contaminants, it causes chloramine which produces the strong odor.

Importance of Cleaning Your Pool

It is important to clean your pool as a way to keep it clean and protect the environment. Leaning your pool regularly may also improve its life. It holds off repairs and minimizes bacteria. A well-cleaned pool is comfortable and safe.

Your weekly cleaning routine should involve removing debris from the surface of the water, brushing the tool including the tiled areas, and checking the levels of alkalinity, pH, and chlorine. You should use a pool vacuum and a manual brush on all parts of the pool.