4 Signs You Need to Get an Orange County Pool Cleaning Service

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The signs that your pool needs to be cleaned are not always obvious. If your pool is dirty, you need Orange County pool cleaning services as soon as possible. This helps to ensure that the health of pool users is preserved.

Signs Your Pool is Dirty

· Cloudy Water

If the water in your pool appears to be cloudy, it may be a sign that your pool needs cleaning. Get the help of a pool service in Orange County. Your pool water may appear cloudy if it is contaminated by rainwater and other contaminants.

It may also be an indication of high levels of chlorine and other water cleaners. Cloudy water may also be a sign of sunlight deficiency, poor circulation of water, and insufficient filtration.

· Red Eyes After Swimming

If you notice that your eyes are itchy or red after swimming, it may be an indication that your pool water is contaminated. Presence of dirt, oil, and sweat may be irritating to your eyes. This means that your pool needs to be cleaned. It is common to have sweat and some dirt in your pool regardless of how clean you keep it. This means that you should clean your pool as often as you can.

· Presence of Algae

If an alga is growing in your pool, it definitely needs to be cleaned. Presence of algae in your pool water may lead to diseases and death in severe cases. There are many types of algae and some of them are harmful to your health. Some of them may not be visible but they produce a foul smell. It is advisable to get the help of Orange County pool cleaning services to get rid of it.

· Strong Smell of Chlorine

Your pool should have little to no smell. If you notice a strong odor of chlorine coming from your pool, you need to get it cleaned. The strong smell is an indication that there is too much sweat, bacteria, and contaminants in your pool water. When the chlorine tries to get rid of the contaminants, it causes chloramine which produces the strong odor.

Importance of Cleaning Your Pool

It is important to clean your pool as a way to keep it clean and protect the environment. Leaning your pool regularly may also improve its life. It holds off repairs and minimizes bacteria. A well-cleaned pool is comfortable and safe.

Your weekly cleaning routine should involve removing debris from the surface of the water, brushing the tool including the tiled areas, and checking the levels of alkalinity, pH, and chlorine. You should use a pool vacuum and a manual brush on all parts of the pool.