4 Signs You Need To Call A Pool Repair Company

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Swimming pools are meant for fun memories. They offer an excellent source of retreat and relaxation, especially during the hot summer seasons. It is your responsibility to maintain your pool at proper conditions. However, at times you may notice some unusual issues with the pool. All you need to do is to contact an Orange County pool repairs company for your problem to be addressed.

While some pool issues could be minor and unnoticeable, others may present serious safety and health risks. Pool repair in Orange County helps in preventing the occurrence of major problems that could result from unresolved pool issues. Below are signs that indicate that your swimming pool needs repair.


The level of water in your swimming pool should always remain at a given level. Any time you notice that the level of water has decreased, then that is an indication that there could be a leak probably in the plumbing system or the walls.

Leaks are disadvantageous in that they raise your bills and also lead to excessive wastage of water which can actually harm the environment. Anytime you notice there is a leak, then do not hesitate to a specialist to repair your pool before the situation worsens.

Pump issues

Pool pumps are meant for ensuring your water remains clean. Whenever you observe debris, dirt, bugs or algae in your pool, it is an indication that your pump could either be broken or inefficient in performance.

Swimming in dirty water is extremely unhygienic and could result in serious health problems. Be quick to contact swimming pool repair companies as soon as you notice the issue so that your pump can be repaired.


Regardless of how small the crack could be, they can result in poor drainage and structural weaknesses in your swimming pool. It is possible to seal the cracks with caulk by yourself as you as you notice their existence.

However, if the cracks appear to be more developed, it is wise to hire a specialist to ensure the problem is fully solved.

Dirty filters

Pool filters trap any impurities hence making sure your swimming pool water remains clean and safe. If you realize that you must clean the pool filters more than one time in a month, then probably your filters are inefficient hence cannot keep your water clean.

The only way to deal with this challenge is to get a technician so that they can be replaced as he or she looks any other major issue.

The takeaway

There is nothing that runs swimming fun like a weak and inefficient swimming pool. To ensure that your swimming pool remains functional throughout, you need to learn the signs that indicate that your pool needs to be repaired.

Dealing with the signs mentioned above as soon as you notice them will ensure that your pool remains enjoyable and safe for use. Did you find this article helpful? Please give us the feedback.