3 Signs Your Pool Needs To Be Restored


A swimming pool is a valuable investment in any home and it’s equally prone to wear and tear. There are signs that will prompt any pool owner to seek services from Orange County pool repair professionals. Disinfecting chemicals for a long period of time, pressurized water or exposure to thaw cycles and freeze can make the pool to wear away.

It is wise for pool owners to get information and know which signs to look for when they doubt whether their swimming pools need restoration. Below are 3 signs which indicate the pool needs restoration:

1. Rough Texture or surface

Any pool owner knows his property well and irrespective of how often they use their pool, they can quickly tell when the surface is rough than usual. It is time to call the Orange County pool repair experts especially when there are also signs of gunite showing through.

There are many reasons why the surface of the pool can deteriorate such as:

  • Unbalanced PH levels in the water.
  • Presence of algae
  • Use of imbalanced chemicals to clean the pool for a long period of time.

When these signs show up, it will only get worse if they are ignored. If the homeowners see these signs in the pool, they should immediately contact Orange County pool repair professionals. These will enable them to restore their pools into the original state and avoid other costs in case the problem gets worse.

2. Leaks

One of the ways to know the pool is leaking is constant refilling of the water into the swimming pool. Adding water too many times into the pool is expensive and also involves wasting a large quantity of water. Once the homeowner determines his/her pool has leakages, they should have someone from reliable Orange county pool repair shop come soon and restore the pool.

Pool leaks will also get worse if left unattended and the water bill will keep rising until a major step to restore the pool is taken.

3. Stains

Another reason why a pool owner will wish to seek Orange County pool repair services is the presence of stains and some are very irritating. There are various reasons that cause stains in the pool including:

  • Algae, especially if left unused for longer period.
  • Chemicals and minerals used to maintain quality and healthy water
  • Natural Debris and leaves

Stains can come in different sizes, shapes, and colors and some are also difficult to remove. Algae, for instance, is said to cause some serious stains that are hard to remove. If the pool owner has tried many times to get rid of the stains unsuccessfully, it is time to call in a professional.

With knowledge and experience, the pool repair expert will restore the pool and get rid of any stain that might even discolor the pool.

These three signs can make the problems get bigger or more destructive and costly if a pool repair expert will not handle immediately. A pool expert will conduct a thorough inspection to determine the problem and restore the pool to its former or original state. Proper pool maintenance can prolong the life of the pool and that is why getting qualified Orange County pool repair expert is a brilliant idea. Please comment below and one of the experts will get back to you as soon as possible.