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Orange County’s Premier Pool & Spa Service Provider


At Clear Expectations, we specialize in providing comprehensive pool and spa services, from maintenance and repairs to complete installations, upgrades and more. Whatever your budget and needs, our goal is to always exceed your expectations!


Clear Expectations is a full-service pool and spa company based in Orange County and serving the surrounding area. With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, our team can handle all aspects of your pool and spa related needs. Our experienced team can help you with everything pool and spa-related, from consistent and reliable weekly service to upgrades of current equipment as well as troubleshooting of the most difficult repairs.


Peace of mind - Know when you hire Clear Expectations, you are hiring the best! Licensed, Insured, A+ Rating with BBB and 5 Star Reviews on Yelp! Our goal is simple. Exceed the expectations of our customers! Our commitment to excellence as helped us become the leader in The Orange County Pool Service Industry.


Would you like to learn more about our services? Contact us today on 949-316-1116 to speak to a member of our team and receive free advice, assistance or a complete free estimate for your project.


Our Pool and Spa Services

We offer a comprehensive range of pool and spa services for homeowners and businesses in the Orange County area. Our most popular services are listed below, along with links to each service page to provide additional information about how we can help you:

Pool Cleaning

Need a reliable pool cleaning service? We’re here to help. We offer pool cleaning services for
both residential and commercial customers, keeping your pool sparkling all year long.


Our pool cleaning service is available for swimming pools of all types and sizes, from backyard swimming pools and spas to large pool in hotels, resorts and apartment communities.


We provide a comprehensive cleaning service that includes cleaning the tile, netting out debris, vacuuming the pool, brushing the sides of the walls, and checking adjusting your pool’s chemical levels. In addition, we complete equipment and safety checks on each visit and make sure we complete and leave a log sheet with details of our visit, so you can review.


For Residential customers, our services occur once per week on the same day each week, so you can plan accordingly. We also have custom plans for pools that require more than once per week service.


Searching for a reliable pool cleaning service? Contact us now on 949-316-1116 to learn more about how we can keep your pool spotless year-round and receive a free estimate.


Pool Maintenance

Cleaning is just one aspect of keeping your swimming pool in optimal condition. Our regular
weekly service also includes pool maintenance items encompassing more than simply cleaning
the pool. Our goal is to make sure your equipment is running properly, there are no safety
concerns and that we proactively communicate to you if we run across any issues.


Upon signing up for weekly service, we will do a complete inspection of your equipment and make any necessary recommendations. During our weekly service visits, we will ensure equipment is running properly and do visual checks of pool services (tiles, plaster, drain covers) and report anything concerning. We will also do additional chemical testing each quarter (Calcium Hardness, Cyanaric Acid, Phosphates, Total Dissolved Solids) to make sure your water is healthy to swim in for your family.


Interested in our pool maintenance services? Contact us now on 949-316-1116 to learn more about how we can monitor, manage and maintain your pool throughout the year.


Pool Repair

From cracked tiles to leaks, broken pumps and other equipment failures, just about every pool will experience some sort of breakdown or damage over time that requires repair.


We specialize in swimming pool repair and can provide fast, efficient and effective service when you need it. Our team can quickly diagnose the problem and carry out a complete repair of your pool, making sure you don’t have to wait throughout a slow repair process.


With more than 15 years of professional experience, we’ve dealt with a wide range of repairs in both residential and commercial swimming pools. Our team is equipped and licensed to handle any type of repair with confidence that it will be done correctly the first time.


Looking to upgrade your equipment? Let us help. We can provide feedback on the different manufacturers (as we work with all of them) and what would work best for your pool and budget. We can also show you how you will save money by upgrading to new energy efficient equipment.


Does your pool or pool equipment need repair or servicing? Contact us now on 949-316-1116 for more information about our repair services.