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Orange County Pool Repair


Does your swimming pool need repairs? Are you ready to upgrade your equipment? Are you having an issue with your heater?  Our experienced team is here to diagnose and repair any issue you might experience with your swimming pool.   When you partner with Clear Expectations, you can have confidence that the repair will be diagnosed and repaired correctly the first time!


We offer a complete range of Orange County pool repair services, from small repairs, troubleshooting of pumps/heater/lights/valves to full equipment replacement and installations. We also provide weekly pool maintenance and pool cleaning services.


Based in Orange County, we serve both residential and commercial customers. Contact us now on 949-316-1116 for more information or to request a free estimate or read a full list of our pool repair services below.


Our Pool Repair Services in Orange County, CA

Our repair services encompass all aspects of keeping your pool running optimally, from fixing damaged or worn equipment, troubleshooting difficult repairs to installing new energy efficient equipment.


Equipment Repair

The pump, filtration system and heating equipment that keeps your pool clean and warm year-round usually runs constantly, meaning it’s inevitable that it will run into some amount of wear and tear over time.


We specialize in pool equipment repair and can quickly diagnose the problem that’s preventing your heater, motor, filter, plumbing or other equipment from working properly.


Our process starts by analyzing the equipment that’s causing problems. Once we identify the cause of the issue, our technicians will let you know what’s going on and inform you of what’s required for a repair.


Often, your pool equipment can be repaired by replacing a worn out or damaged part. For more complex repairs, we’ll provide you with a complete estimate of the repair cost before starting on the repair, ensuring you’re fully aware of the costs before work begins.


Our technicians work efficiently and thoroughly to make sure your pool is back up and running as soon as possible to cause minimal inconvenience for you.


Our equipment repair services are available for both residential and commercial customers in Orange County and the surrounding area. For more information or to request a visit from our repair and maintenance staff, please contact us now on 949-316-1116.